5 Reasons You Need A Stunning and Purposeful Website For Your Business

1. First impressions count

First impressions count, whether we like it or not, and especially when it comes to your business. There is so much competition out there in the online marketplace, regardless of your niche, so why would you send a potential client to your crappy looking website. First of all, a first impression is made within a few seconds of viewing a website so if it isn't visually appealing to the eye of your ideal client, they'll be hitting the 'X' button faster than you can say "Stop!!!". This is the main reason you need a visually killer website for your business, whether you are online or bricks-and-mortar based.


2. To build trust and rapport with your ideal client

For a potential lead or website visitor to spend money with you, they first have to trust you. Building that know, like and trust factor is in part through making a good first impression but also in part from being consistent. Being consistent in your branding, consistent with your copy and consistent with your content (whether this be blog posts, podcast episodes or updating your portfolio).

I'm sure you've searched Google for a specific business only to open up to a dodgy looking website straight out of the 90s. I can tell you now, if you website looks like it is clunky and hasn't been updated in god knows how long, can you really expect clients to trust you can do what you say you can do?

3. To establish an authority in your niche

Similar to building trust with your ideal client, you also want to establish yourself as an authority within your chosen niche. There are a number of ways to reflect this on your site. Through consistent blog posts relating to your niche, with 'As Seen On...' logos or with links to podcasts or other publications you have been featured in. This is a great way of standing out from the crowd by showing that you are well respected in the community and that you know your stuff when it comes to your chosen niche.


4. To show rather than tell

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and your website is the perfect place to display your talent visually through images and video content. If you are a service based business like I am, a great way to do this is through having an up-to-date portfolio so potential clients can see your work. Alternatively, if you are a coach and your business is more verbal, you could use testimonial videos of past clients to get your message across.

Another great thing about having a stunning website, is that you are proud to share it at networking events. Rather than just telling people about your business and what you do, you can show them your website and let it speak for itself.

5. To convert leads into clients through purposeful action

Last but not least, the main reason you need a stunning website for your business is to convert potential clients through purposeful action. Imaging going to a website for a specific purpose, say you are looking for a plumber, and finding no calls to action, no buttons to call or book and no way to take action quickly to get to your end result of getting your taps fixed. Your website should not only be beautifully designed, but be purposeful in its design so that potential clients know where to go and exactly how to book your services/buy your products in as little steps as possible.

Go on, make it easy for them! Reduce those barriers for people who want to work with you and you'll find your conversion rate on the up and up. You must have a website designed with action taking in mind.

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