3 Ways to Budget for Your Badass Business Website

Building your brand and your business shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, but it should be an investment you’re willing to make. It’s an investment in your business’s future, the potential clients’ lives you will change and it sets the tone for your success moving forward. Today, I’d like to share with you some of my best tips for budgeting when it comes to your new website and brand.

1 - Get a Price Estimate and Start Budgeting

With any important financial decision we make, we need to take the time to do our research and know what we are budgeting for before we start. But how do you know how much a website will cost with all the bells and whistles, branding, integrations, ongoing management costs etc. etc.? We’ve designed a free calculator on our website where you can essentially build your own package. Choose the things that are and aren’t important to you and the calculator will spit out a price estimate for you. Our clients love this tool because it gives them an idea of budget before we start working together. Click here to check out the Build Your Own Project Calculator for a free quote.

2 - Choose Your Hosting Wisely

This is a big tip that I’ve learnt over the years. Choose your hosting wisely, because what’s cheap may not always be best, and may even work out more expensive down the track. For example, I helped a client with a website that had GoDaddy hosting and there was some trouble on the backend with the servers. We tried to get in contact with GoDaddy and $75USD and two days later, we had a solution. They made us pay for a support ticket. A good hosting plan should include support because that is when you need them most. For all things Wordpress hosting, we recommend and use FlyWheel. If you’re doing a project with us too, we can set up your site first with FlyWheel hosting and then pass it on to you, it’s as simple as that!


3 - Ask for a Payment Plan

Did you know we offer payment plans depending on your budget? If your cashflow is a little tight right now, we are more than happy to chat about your options and find something to suit you. We get that being in business can mean inconsistent income at the best of times, so we love to support small business owners by offering payment plans to suit your individual circumstances. Check out our free project calculator and get in touch.