How To Define Your Ideal Reader Or Client

What's all this jazz about defining your ideal reader or client? Can't you just build and they will come? Nuh-uh honey! Defining your ideal reader is the first step in building a solid foundation for you business and something that is inextricably linked to your niche. It's time to get down and dirty and figure out who you are meant to serve, first and foremost. 


Let's talk demographics! When it comes to defining your ideal person or target market, the first thing you want to do is get really specific about their demographics. Are they female or male? What age are they? Where do they live? What is their occupation? Are they single or married? What is their income level? These are all great initial questions to be asking yourself and set a solid foundation for a deeper understanding of them and their specific needs and concerns.


The second thing you want to consider is what your ideal audience are struggling with in this moment. This is vital to being able to speak to their specific needs and struggles and really get inside their head. To do this, it is sometimes good to take a step back and put yourself in their shoes (if you haven't already been there before). Do this and you are one step closer to understanding your ideal reader or client and better serving them.


When is your ideal audience most active online. Perhaps they work full time and only go online on their commute or lunch break. Or perhaps they are mothers and only get a chance to go online late at night when the kids have gone to bed. Don't forget to factor in the timezone if your ideal audience lives across the country or the world.


The next thing to consider is your ideal readers big WHY in life. What is their purpose and direction in life? Why do they strive to do what they do and what is the meaning behind this? 


Where does your ideal person hangout? Perhaps it's on Instagram if they're the design inclined or perhaps Linked In if they are looking for professional connections. It's all well and good defining who your ideal reader is but in order to actually market to them, you need to be crystal clear on where they hang and then go hang out there too. Sounds simple right! 

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How To Define Your Ideal Reader Or Client. All you need to consider when getting to know your ideal audience and target market. You can't just build it and they will come, you need to focus in on your ideal client and target them specifically. Click here to read exactly how to go about defining your ideal reader or client!