5 Reasons To Re-Brand Your Biz Now

So you're considering taking the leap and re-branding you biz, but you're completely overwhelmed with the all of the work that will come with it. Your logo design, your website, your social media accounts, your graphics, your business cards, the list goes on... Sometimes it is better to leave the branding to the experts to ensure the whole experience is as pain free as possible and you end up with a brand that shares your passion with the online world in a purposeful and fun way. 

But how do you know when the right time is to re-brand? Let's take a look at 5 reasons to re-brand your biz, like now! 

1. Your purpose isn't clear

When potential readers and clients come to your website, what do they see? If the service or product you are offering doesn't immediately stand out when they come to your home page, then it's time for a change. Your branding needs to represent what you are selling and what your passion and message is. If this is not crystal clear, then you may be losing potential clients and customers through lack of clarity. Sometimes it is good to step back and view your website like an outsider would. If you find this too difficult, have a friend or actual outsider critique it for you. You may be just too close to the situation.

2. You feel out of alignment

Do you feel like your brand is out of alignment with how you feel, the message you want to share with the world and the direction you want your business to go in? If you are feeling like your brand doesn't represent you and your passion then maybe it's time to make a change for the better. Similarly, if the services and/or products you offer have evolved over time and aren't represented by your original branding, then maybe it's time to pull the plug.

3. You want to move towards personal branding

A lot of online entrepreneurs are moving towards personal branding as their businesses grow and evolve. There are a few reasons why personal branding is all the rage at the moment but one of the big motivators is to put a personal and human touch on your business. Another reason is that services and offerings change over time, but your name doesn't (unless you get married of course). Whatever your reasoning, if you are changing to a personal brand, you will need a re-brand. 


4. You're ashamed and embarrassed by your brand

Your brand should feel good! It is a representation of you and your business after all. If you're embarrassed by your branding, then this will come across to potential readers and clients. It is a real turn off to work with someone who isn't 100% committed and passionate about their brand. If your current brand feels a bit icky and tired, then it's time for a re-brand girl. 

5. Your current brand just isn't doing it for you

Is your current brand delivering the results you are aiming for? If not, then it's time to figure out why. If your brand doesn't represent your passion and do so in a purposeful and professional way, then chances are, it isn't leading to your highest earning potential. If the results are lacking, then maybe it's time to elevate your brand and utilize it as a tool that works with you not against you.

Have you decided it's time for a re-brand? Jump on over to my packages and see if we would be a good fit to work together!


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