3 Squarespace Myths + The Real Truth (SEO, support and customisation)

1. Squarespace isn't good when it comes to SEO

This long-standing Squarespace myth is simply false girl. Whilst Wordpress is often touted as the best for SEO with plugins such as Yoast SEO, Squarespace makes life super easy when it comes to SEO with it's built in features. Not only do they have an easy integration with Google Analytics that includes an automatic sitemap, it is also easy to fill in image names, change URLs and edit site descriptions to be SEO friendly. You don't have to be a tech genius to keep your SEO consistent and up-to-date when using Squarespace.


2. If you come across a problem, you're on your own

This couldn't be further from the truth! Squarespace have such an amazing support team through their live chat system. Even as a Squarespace designer, there has been many a time when I have stumbled upon a roadblock or found something that was glitching. I have simply jumped onto the live chat and had a resolution within minutes. If I ever have an issue with my site or a client's, I feel comfortable knowing I have that back up support from the Squarespace team. And if it's a simple question or issue you are having, Squarespace have a multitude of different how-to articles to learn from and easily implement.


3. Your site is just going to look like everyone else's

This is quite a common myth when it comes to Squarespace because it is a template based website platform. You may be thinking, 'but how can I differentiate myself when using a cookie-cutter template millions of others are using'. People often think Squarespace is inflexible when it comes to personalising your site but there are so many ways to make it unique and attract your specific ideal client.

With code blocks, custom CSS and flexible style settings, there are so many ways you can customise your site to look exactly how you want it to. My favourite tool (shhhh) is Square Studio which offers easy to install plugins which can enhance the features of Squarespace and completely change the look and feel of your site with custom code and CSS. Whilst this is a paid resource, it is invaluable as a Squarespace designer.

These are just some of the myths associated with the Squarespace platform that are completely busted. I may be a little biased as a Squarespace designer but I wouldn't stand by a platform if I didn't believe in it 100%.

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