We Support Women from Around the Globe

Here at Dream Board Digital, we allocate a portion of your project fees to giving back and supporting women worldwide via Kiva. Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005, with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.

“Women around the world have much less access to fair and affordable credit for their businesses or basic needs. While 46% of men around the world report having access to formal financial services, the figure is only 27% for women. Support women starting businesses, going to school, leading their communities and building strong families.” (Kiva.org)


We support one woman or women’s group per month in realising their dream.

That’s twelve lives changed a year through your support!

Here’s Who We’ve Supported So Far


Awa’s Group - Senegal

This group is made up of 15 women who live in the same area. They are connected through family and friendship. As their primary occupations, they work in agriculture and business. Boury is the star borrower. She is standing on the far left of the photo with her hand raised. She is married and the mother of two children. She is a farmer. She will purchase seeds with this loan, and at the end of the harvest she will sell peanuts. The profits from this business will help her meet her family's needs and reinvest.

Nahla - Lebanon

Nahla is a 22-year-old Palestinian refugee and single lady who is working as a private tutoring to cover her needs and to achieve her goal of graduating from university. She is acquiring a loan from Kiva's field partner Al Majmoua to pay for her first year of university, where she is studying economics to build herself a bright future. The studious young lady wishes to complete her studies successfully and to be capable of attaining reputable positions in the future.