Social Media doesn’t rest. And neither will we.

We get it – you’re savvy, you’re always on the go, and while you understand the true power that social media has in today’s economy, you honestly do not have the hours in your day to be trawling social media platforms and designing valuable captivating content.

Social media goes beyond just posting daily.

To truly leverage the impact of social media, you want to ensure you are not simply seen, but heard. At Dream Board Digital, we curate content tailored to your brand and ensure that we are posting the best content, day in, day out. With beautiful images, punchy captions, authentic engagement (no bots here!), and unparalleled service, we attract your ideal clients, establish loyal relationships and ensure the right people are seeing your brand.

So, let’s establish your digital presence without you lifting a finger.  Let us tame the social media beast and transform it into a profit centre for you. Leave the worrying with us, and let’s bring your dream board to reality.


  • There is not enough time in the day to design social graphics, schedule posts and  engage with your audience?
  • Your socials aren't attracting your ideal clients?
  • No-one is seeing your content anyway so what is the point of posting?
  • Get focused in your biz and stop wasting time on the social media hype?
  • Start enjoying your work by working your zone of genius?
  • Start getting traffic to your website, blog or opt in?
  • Turn your account into a profit generator?
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Sally recently helped me develop a Pinterest strategy to promote my new blog. She was extremely insightful, and I could tell that she took the time to really understood my brand and the story that I wanted to tell. I would highly recommend Sally for all marketing, digital, and branding endeavours! She went above and beyond, and made sure I was satisfied with the service she provided. 
- Sienna Lee-Coughlin of Lost In Time

Sally's work is absolutely brilliant! She has a great eye for design, is fantastic with social media, and made my business launch a success. She's also very responsive, organized, and delivers on time. Without a doubt, I will be hiring Sally again. Highly, highly recommended! - Ileana Hang of


Sally is absolutely knowledgeable in her field. She was able to help me with a review of my website and she did an amazing job! she is very professional and her work is of great quality! I recommend her services to anyone who is wondering if her website is doing the job. Thank you Sally for the awesome suggestions and for the referrals. I look forward to working with you again!
- Anglea Gallardo Grosvenor of


Sally did a three-month pinterest package for me. Not only did she get me into the pinterest game (I started out clueless!), but I was impressed with her responsiveness to questions. Each month she sent me a report of what she'd done and her results. I'm in a really good position now to continue building my brand on pinterest based on what she's done. Highly recommended! - Rachel Heller of Rachel's Ruminations




We get all our preliminary information and details all together through our preferred project management system Asana. You’ll get the low-down on our process and also get to learn more about our referral program. You’ll also be emailed a copy of your contract, as well as a link to make your first month’s payment.



You’ll then be sent a comprehensive brand questionnaire to complete. This is so I can really get under the skin of your business as well as your social media goals and objectives. Here, you’ll also be able to send through any content, photos, visuals you like or specific info (via Asana or Dropbox) that you’d like me to share.



I’ll then start to schedule our juicy content for the month ahead. For Facebook I use the native scheduling tool. For Instagram I use for scheduling, and for Pinterest I use Board Booster. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of those programs - they are seamless, very easy to understand, and I’ll get it all set up for us so that all you need to do is view, provide feedback, and approve!



At the end of each month, I'll send you through an analytics report for your platforms so we can see how we’re travelling. We’ll be able to see what is working, what is not working and articulate areas of improvement for the next month. If certain things are working, we'll do more of them, if certain things aren't, we'll scrap them, simple as that!



1 platform

Whether it be Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, this package is for you if you need that extra set of hands to manage one (1) of your social media platforms. No random one worded comments will be found here - we provide genuine engagement with your followers and work closely with you to ensure the content we curate for your business is unique, engaging, and resourceful.

Social media questionnaire

Curation of all content

Scheduling of all content

Follower engagement

Targeted follower growth

Custom graphic creation + sourcing of images when needed

Comprehensive monthly analytics report of your follower growth, engagement statistics, views, clicks to website, demographics of audience and more.

from $597/month

Minimum 3 month retainer

The Extrovert Package

3 platforms

This package is perfect for the social queens. We’ll step in and help you take the reigns for three (3) of your social media platforms, curate tailored content targeted to your brand and your audience, provide consistent authentic engagement and report to you monthly with our results.

Social media questionnaire

Curation of all content

Scheduling of all content

Follower engagement

Targeted follower growth

Custom graphic creation + sourcing when needed

Comprehensive monthly analytics report of your follower growth, engagement statistics, views, clicks to website, demographics of audience and more.

From $1597/month

Minimum 3 month retainer
Save $200!


The Pinterest Beauty Sleep Package

pinterest setup

Pinterest is a unique social media platform. Because unlike other platforms, it works similarly to a search engine as opposed to a medium for networking. And if you want your target audience to find you on Pinterest when they’re shopping for your type of product, you must climb to the top of Pinterest’s search engine. A lot businesses fall through the cracks because they are unsure of what keywords to use. Not you, because we’re here as your sidekick!

Pinterest Questionnaire

Switch to business account

Verification of your blog URL to get your website Pinterest-ready

Enable rich pins to enhance engagement and clicks to you website

Current board clean up

Set up 10 boards

Create keyword rich board descriptions

Pin 100 pins/board to fill up

Research and find 3 group boards to join

Copywriting of an effective bio

Creation of board cover graphics

Creation of three (3) pin templates

Creation of ten (10) pin graphics

Targeted follower growth

$397 one off fee

One-off package

The lead generator package

facebook ads management

With organic Facebook reach slowly dying, online entrepreneurs are turning to Facebook ads to grow their brand awareness, page views, email lists and sales. Promoting a webinar? Launching an online course? Need more leads for your funnel? Let me help you in whatever your objective may be.

Facebook Ads Questionnaire

Installation of pixel on website

Ad copy

Ad image creation or sourcing

Testing up to 4 audiences

Testing up to 4 images

Testing and optimization for 30 days

(Does not include ad spend)

From $1000/month

Minimum 3 month retainer


Schedule your free consultation and let's chat about how I can help your brand get visible online.

Introverted and would prefer not to video chat? I get you girl.
Click here to shoot me an email instead



Because I get that for some, maintaining your social media presence and ensuring that your engagement is authentic and genuine can be time consuming and draining. This however fuels me. It’s my jam. Having managed the social media for many businesses and running numerous successful campaigns, it is something that I live and breath, and is something that I am confident in.

I manage your social accounts from A to Z and everything in between so that you don’t have to worry about constantly managing, coming up with new juicy content and connecting genuinely with your followers. But don’t just take my word for it, take a lurk of some of our testimonials.


We do not include the cost of scheduling tools in your monthly payment. In saying that, the free versions work just fine for us!

Board Booster is $5 per 500 pins, $10 per 1000 pins, $15 per 1500 pins etc. etc. It is pretty affordable, but to help you out we have a little promo code just for you.

Facebook ad spend is also not included and we recommend a starting budget of $1000 per month to allow for testing and optimisation.


All of our prices are in United States Dollars (USD) and payable via Credit Card or Paypal.


To get started on your project, we require the first month's retainer up front. Further payments will be charged each month thereafter.


Whilst we do not guarantee results and follower growth, we will try our damn hardest to make sure we are growing your following strategically!


Yes, we have three month minimum for all social media packages (except Pinterest). This serves as a good trial period to see the growth of your account before we look at a longer retainer basis.